Cytoplan Blogpost – shared article – Vitamin D and COVID-19

As I’m sure you’ve all heard, Vitamin D or rather, lack of, has been linked to more severe symptoms of COVID-19. Have a read of this article from supplements brand Cytoplan to find out about some of the latest research and perhaps how you can boost your immunity as we approach the end of lockdown 3.0. I found it super interesting to know that a magnesium deficiency prevents maximum Vitamin D uptake. Another reason (ref my previous blogpost Magnesium and PMT) to look at Magnesium levels in your diet.

Anyway, here is the link. You can skip to the Key Takeaways section for a summary of the article:

Vitamin D and COVID-19 (part two) | Cytoplan blog

Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin as that is our main source of the stuff. We absorb it directly into our skin through UVB (ultraviolet) rays which then converts to Vitamin D. Unfortunately in the U.K. though, we are not known for our sunny climate but we certainly make the most of it when it’s her! [Cue unseasonable shorts and flip flips attire at first rays!] so food sources are our next best option, along with supplements.

Here are just a few of the benefits we get from Vitamin D:
– Boosts immunity
– Helps prevent cancers
– Improves cardiovascular health
– Improves bone density and calcium uptake
– Helps prevent Type 2 Diabetes
– Helps with weight loss
– Boosts mood and reduces depression
– Improves muscle function
– Essential for child development and growth
– Increases fertility

Here’s a list of best food sources, courtesy of Doctor Axe:

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