Magnesium for PMT

If you are female then chances are you have suffered from the dreaded Pre Menstrual Tension or Pre Menstrual Stress. Symptoms vary woman to woman but boy, do they have an effect. I personally feel very blessed that my periods have never been very heavy and I’ve never had to go on the Pill just to get them or the PMT symptoms under control. But I have always suffered with a little, ok MORE than a little moodiness and that moodiness can affect every aspect of your life. It’s like a completely different personality takes over you for about 2 weeks a month – that’s 50% of the year!! Some months can be worse than others, granted and the thing is with PMT symptoms, there is always a certain amount of time spent wondering what the hell is wrong with you…and then your periods starts. Then you’re like, that all makes sense now. And you feel completely back to normal. If you’re a woman reading this, you can probably sympathise and maybe chuckle a bit, but if you’re a guy living with a woman, then you’re gonna be looking at this from a totally different POV! Because when that Jekyll and Hyde persona takes over, there is no where for you to hide and I bet you can guarantee at some point, you’re gonna get the blame, for something, anything, nothing. at. all. And whilst we can laugh at this in the cold light of day, if you are the sufferer or live with someone who spreads the suffering, it really is no laughing matter. It’s bloody horrible! And there seems to be no way out of it until it passes on it’s own natural progression.

But back to the point! PMT itself is now considered the norm amongst the female population. My colleagues regularly give each other updates on how we are feeling and what physical and mental discomforts we are currently experiencing. And we all just accept this like it is a normal monthly occurrence. But is it? From doing some research, it seems the answer is no. Hormone disruption is likely to be a symptom of an underlying cause that has a wider effect than just our emotions. This is a big one all on it’s own and will need it’s own post so for today, I just want to share with you the benefits of adding Magnesium into your diet for your PMT symptoms.

Part of modern life sees us deficient in many things as the mineral content in our soil diminishes and stress becomes a governing factor in our lives. Magnesium deficiency in the UK is pretty prevalent. Processed foods are removed of their supply and coffee, alcohol, salt, fizzy drinks and fatty foods also decrease our bodies ability to absorb it from our wholefood sources, leaving our system pretty depleted. Good sources of magnesium can be found in wholegrains, nuts, seeds and fish. It is a vital mineral in our bodies, responsible for energy production, muscle contraction, bone health, healthy heartbeat and nerve conduction. It takes care of these things by moving salt in and out of the cells, where half of our supply is kept and maintained. The other half is stored in our skeleton so for females especially after menopause, increasing your intake of magnesium could be vital for keeping your bones strong. Here are some of the other ways Magnesium can help:
– Reduces tiredness and fatigue
– Improves energy and stamina
– Contributes to muscle function
– Contributes to bone density
– Contributes to teeth health
– Helps with psychological function ie depression, anxiety
– Migraines
– Diabetes type 2
– Electrolyte balance.

When it comes to Magnesium and your PMT symptoms, here’s what you could be experiencing: Bloating, cramping, tender breasts, anxiety, tearfulness, depression, migraines, fatigue. It’s a fairly long list, right! Now, I’m no Nutritionist and can only go by my own experience and research and Magnesium has definitely helped me with my mood swings. Interestingly, I began taking it again because of poor sleep (potentially from a Magnesium deficiency) but as of yet, I haven’t noticed any particular improvement here. The thing I did noticed the following month though, was my improved PMT symptoms, especially my angry mood! If you do your research you will see there is lots of information into the benefits of adding magnesium into your diet however, if you are able to do this from a food source first then do. Here are some options:

If cramping or even bone density are things you are looking to tackle as part of the monthly war on your hormones, you could try taking an Epsom salt bath too. Add 1 – 2 cups of Epsom salts to your bath and take time to luxuriate in your super healthy, nutrient dense warm water. Add some essential oils too, go for it! Allow the skin time to absorb the water and enjoy that time for relaxation, say 20 – 30 minutes. It has been suggested that using Magnesium this way should be done over a period of time, like taking a vitamin, 2-3 times per week, giving your body time to more readily absorb the mineral. However, it is not as effective as supplementing.

If like me, you prefer to supplement then Magnesium Citrate is the most easily absorbed. I use Mag365 after a Nutritionist I know gave me a sample to try. It’s flavoured and is water soluble so you just add hot water and it fizzes away. Personally, I’m not one for tablets so drinking it is far easier for me. But yes, I have found supplementing Magnesium has helped give me 50% of my life back, saving me and those around me, from my moody behaviour and then some. So, maybe it’s worth a try. Even if you’re not PMT crazy like me, adding a little mineral love into your daily diet is going to be super beneficial in all other parts of your health and wellbeing.

NB: I’m not sponsored or affiliated with this brand FYI, I’m just sharing my limited knowledge and experience and hope that it can help you too.

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